How do I choose which lashes to get?

If you are new to the lash world, Welcome to Bubu’s Lashes! We are so happy that you have taken the time to check us out x

First thing we recommend is to explore our Facebook and Instagram pages to scope out photos of our work, our current price list and other helpful things like our amazing client reviews.

Research the style of work we do and see which of the looks inspire you – even better send us a screenshot to get the ball rolling!

Otherwise you can book in for a free Online Consultation with us. We will ask you a few questions, including the following to help you find the perfect set:

  1. Do you have a special occasion or are you wanting to treat yourself?
  2. Do you want to go more natural, more dramatic or something in-between?
  3. Are you wanting to keep below a certain spending limit or are you willing to pay a bit more for the perfect look?
We offer these four types of Lash Curls (J B C D)

J and B curls are ideal for your most natural looks and is more about adding thickness and length (recommend for most clients).
C and D curls give a more dramatic style adding more lift and length with lots of curl (recommend for special occasions).

Secondly, our lashes have a 4-6 week lash cycle which means your lash extensions will only last as long as your natural cycle takes to grow. Everyone is different, some clients have faster lash growth than others which means they need to come for lash infills more frequently and vice versa.

Also each lash set is applied differently and lasts for different amount of times. The general rule is the more you spend on a lash set, the longer it lasts.

Aftercare is also a big factor on lash retention. The better you look after your lashes, the longer they will last.

Your natural eye shape will also be a factor on which lash style is recommended so that we accentuate and compliment your natural features. The table below explains which lash syles suit which eye shape better: