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Khloe Duo Magnetic Lashes Set

Now available in a Double set. Full Glam Long Thick and Luscious with a Doll Eye Lashes Style (blended 10mm-14mm-10mm) in a C curl.
Get ready to live your best life just like Megan the mf Stallion! Why not pair these up with some of our coloured contacts range.

Finally there’s a system that helps you apply lashes like a PRO!

Falsies or strip lashes isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. First there’s the struggle with the glue then there’s the hoping it stays put! I hear you.

This state-of-the-art Magnetic Technology is the perfect alternative we’ve all been waiting for. The Magnetic Lashes attract to the specially formulated non-toxic Magnetic Eyeliner giving you longlasting all day hold.

You won’t find a complete Magnetic Lashes Set like this anywhere! The set includes everything you could possibly need to get you started.

What you get:
• a pair of ultra-soft faux mink Magnetic Lashes with 5 super-lightweight magnets
• a paraben free, latex-free and long wearing Magnetic Eyeliner in 4ml

Having beautiful lashes just got easier, order yours today!

PLEASE NOTE: If you suffer from HAYFEVER you may have hypersensitive skin. We recommend taking your prescribed medications or antihistamines to prevent any possible irritation. DO use babyoil or coconut oil to fully remove the Magnetic Eyeliner from your eyelids.

We do offer contactless delivery so no need to stress. Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Blessed x


How to Apply and Remove

your Magnetic Lashes

How to apply Magnetic Lashes:

1. Measure and Bend your Magnetic lashes into a U-shape using your fingers so that it moulds perfectly around your eyes. Trim if desired (ensuring you still have magnets on both ends)
2. Apply one coat of your Magnetic Eyeliner allowing 1-2 min to dry. Focus on getting as close to the lash line as possible. Apply a second coat if desired and let dry
3. Wipe off any excess liquid liner with a tissue paper to avoid transfer
4. Apply your Magnetic lashes onto the lash line using your fingers or a tweezer and watch it snap onto the eyeliner. So cool!

How to remove Magnetic Lashes:

1. Gently pull Magnetic lashes until it detaches from the eyeliner
2. Use a tweezer or your nails to carefully clean and scrape any eyeliner residue off the little magnets (don’t be too rough as you may accidentally pull off the magnets)
3. Place Magnetic lashes back into its case
4. Use a q-tip with vaseline or olive oil or coconut oil or a makeup wipe to COMPLETELY remove eyeliner from your eyes

Further Details:
Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner contains ion-oxide which is a regulated ingredient for use on the face, skin and around your eyes. Not for use inside of eyes!
Magnetic Eyeliner does not cause skin darkening or drip or run into the eyes and stays in place until removal
There is no weight on your natural lashes as the magnets stick to your eyelid skin. Really great if you have super short lashes
Not to be worn when getting an MRI scan or any medical procedure