$10,500 Salon-In-A-Box Course: Classic + Volume + Brow Threading + Henna Brows + x4 Kits + x4 Certificates – 10 WEEK MASTERCLASS


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This course is ideal for those who want to get into the Beauty Industry or already have experience in the Beauty Industry and wanting to branch out on their own and run their own business.

This Salon-In-A-Box Course is the most comprehensive training you will ever receive and includes Classic Lashes Training, Volume Lashes Training, Brow Threading Training AND Henna Brows Training. This course is also paired with Business Mentoring so you will always have expert advice on hand whenever you need it.


*All in-person Training will resume safely at Alert LEVEL 1.

**Please note, there are some Online Modules that need to be completed beforehand. The Online modules are split over two-weeks to ensure you fully understand the Training materials and get lots of practice on your mannequin before doing your first live model with me, here in the Salon or in the comfort of your own home with this Masterclass.

  • Unlimited Online Support through Facebook
  • Complete Online Lash Course with 3-Months Access to Training Materials and Videos
  • Classic Lashes Training Manual 2023, Volume Lashes Training Manual 2023, Brow Threading Training Manual 2023, Henna Brows Training Manual 2023
  • Photography and Social Media Tips
  • Business and Marketing Tips
  • Classic Lash Kit, Volume Lash Kit, Brow Threading Kit, Henna Brows Kit
  • Vendor List for Lashes and Brows Supplies
  • X4 Certificate of Completion (Classic, Volume, Brow Threading, Brow Henna)
  • Get 20% OFF upcoming courses in Lash Lift and Tint Course,  Spray Tanning Course
  • Attend a Four-Day Training Session in the Salon
  • Complete all Online Modules before completing Case Studies
  • X4 Two-hour One-on-One In-Person Training Session at the Salon or in your home (Wellington Only)
  • Lifetime Business Mentoring
  • Attend an additional One-Day In-Person Training at the Salon as a Refresher Course

Being your own boss and learning to become a Lash and Brow Artist is one of the most exciting, rewarding and lucrative careers you could ever wish for! Trust me, I left a highly paid, yet highly stressful government job five years ago because I felt unfulfilled and unmotivated working for someone else. I had no time to spend with my family or children, let alone for myself. I totally felt stuck in a rut working the 9-5 routine. Not until I learnt the art of Eyelash Extensions and Brow Design. Now I’m earning 3-5 times more than I was AND working LESS hours! Pretty amazing right? You can too!! Let me share my secrets with you.

Includes Classic Lash Kit + Volume Lash Kit + Brow Threading Kit + Brow Henna Kit + x4 Training Manuals + x4 Certificates  + 3-Months access to Online training videos + In-Salon or In-Home Support + Business Mentorship


Tapu Elia aka ‘Bubu’ your Lash Trainer has over 18 years experience in the Lash Industry both in Australia and New Zealand. Five of those years spent perfecting her skills as a Master Lash Artist. She owns a fully Certified Beauty Salon and is a globally recognized Artist. Her in-depth knowledge and Island girl nature makes it easy for her to connect with her students and provide them with a fun learning environment.

A 10-WEEK combination of Online, In-Person and In-Home Training Course, x4 Training Manuals, x4 Kits and x4 Certifications included.

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Please complete and return your Enrollment form to us at bubusdluxlashes@gmail.com before making payment. We will confirm the training date with you first!

Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes Course Outline:

[ ] Module 01: Product & Application Theory

– Eye Anatomy

– Lash Growth Cycle

– Curl Types

– Diameter Types

– Synthetic vs Mink

– Choosing Length and Diameter

– Signs of Stress on the Lashes

– Understanding Lash Adhesives

[ ] Module 02: Sanitation and Sterilisation

– Sanitation vs. Sterilisation

– Lash Artist Hygiene

– Workspace Sanitation

[ ] Module 03: Eye Health Conditions & Allergies

– Eye Conditions And Allergies

– Warning Signs

– When You Have Them Back

– Advanced Reactions

[ ] Module 04: Work Space Set Up

– Organizing Your Workspace

– Adhesive Setup

– Work Space Setup

[ ] Module 05: Lash Artist Health

– Posture

– Lighting

– Lash Bed and Stool Setup

[ ] Module 06: Prepare Your Client

– Cleansing Natural Lashes

– Gel Pad

– Upper Lash Isolation

– Advanced Gel Pad Troubleshooting

– Securing Stubborn Lashes

– Fluttering and Partially Open Eyelids

– Client Consultation Forms

[ ] Module 07: Lash Style Guide

– Lash Shaping Styles

– Eye Shapes

– Determining Styling for your Client

– Mixing Curls within Sets

– Drooping Lashes

– Mapping

[ ] Module 08: Isolating Lashes

– Isolating Lashes

– Spreading the Lash Line

– Basic Lash Isolation

– Side Swipe Isolation

– Lifting Isolation

– Tape-back Isolation

– Bridging Gaps in the Lash line

[ ] Module 09: Application Process & Techniques

– Application Priorities

– 3-Step Application Process

– Checking for Stickies

– Completing The Set

– Curing Lash Extensions

– Checking your Coverage

– Emergency Eyewash Procedure

[ ] Module 10: Infill Process & Appointments

– Cleansing Before A Fill

– Removing Unruly Extensions

– Evening Out the Lash Line

[ ] Module 11: Aftercare Tips & Analysing Shed Patterns

– Do’s and Don’t’s

– Analysing Shed Patterns

– Lash Tangling

– Outer Corner Shedding

– Lash Extensions Lifting At Base

– Clumped Lash Extensions

– Heavy or Premature Shedding

[ ] Module 12: Removal Techniques

– Lash Removal using creme-based remover

– Removing A Single Lash With Tweezer (banana peel method)

[ ] Module 13: Client Retention & Upselling

– How To Correctly Price Your Services

– Strategies For Re-booking Your Clients

– Conflict Resolution Strategies

– Upselling Services & Products

– Loyalty Reward Programs

[ ] Module 14: Lash Photography

– Best photo apps to use

– Grid method

– Before and After Tips

[ ] Module 15: Social Media Marketing

– Branding

– Messaging

– Algorithm for Facebook and Instagram

– Best Times to Post

– Creating Engagement

– Creating Content

– When to use paid Boosts

– Best Online Booking Systems

[ ] Module 16: Casestudies x6
[ ] Module 17: Certification

Brow Threading and Henna Brows Course Outline:

[ ] A History Of Eyebrows

[ ] Threading For Men

[ ] Anatomy & Physiology

[ ] 100 Hair Facts

[ ] Hair Dictionary

[ ] Consultations & Records

[ ] Hygiene, Health & Safety

[ ] Contraindications & Conditions

[ ] Patch Test

[ ] Professional Ethics & Standards

[ ] Eye Shapes

[ ] Face Shapes

[ ] Eyebrow Shaping

[ ] Eyebrow Mapping

[ ] How To Draw Eyebrows + Student Practice

[ ] – Treatment Set Up –

[ ] Henna Brows Procedure

[ ] Threading Techniques

[ ] The Treatment

[ ] Golden Tips & Tricks

[ ] Aftercare

** Never lashed or threaded before? Then there is no better way to start than in my class. See you there!


Classic and Volume Lash Extension Training 2023 and Brow Threading and Henna Brows Training – ONLINE,  IN-PERSON AND IN-HOME

Duration: 10 Weeks

Cost: $10,500.00

Support: Unlimited online support via Facebook, Business Mentorship, Weekly In-Person One-on-One Training

In-Home Training is only available within Wellington, NZ

Program: theory & practicing on Live Models

Certificates of Completion will be emailed to you once all Case studies have been approved

Study from the comfort of your own home or come into the Salon to get real life experience working as a successful Lash and Brow Artist.


Located at Bubu’s Lashes Salon

Shop 3/ 12 Bedford Court

Cannons Creek Shopping Centre, PORIRUA CITY 5024


Classic and Volume Lash Kits includes a practice mannequin head, x1 headwrap, x4 tweezers, x4 Lash glue, x2 lash cream remover, crystal stone, 100pcs lash wands, 100pcs mini brushes, 10pcs lash tape, 50pc eye pads, x10 tray C Curl Classic Lashes, x10 tray D Curl Classic Lashes, x10 tray C Curl Volume Lashes, x10 tray D Curl Volume Lashes, air puffer, x2 Training Manual, x2 Certificates

Brow Threading and Henna Kit: includes one of each colour in GRAPHITE BLACK, BRUNETTE, BLONDE, x1 PH Activator, x1 Brow Shampoo, x2 Brow Pencil, x100 mixing cups, x2 Angled Eyebrow Brush, x100 Q-tip Applicators, x1 Henna Remover, x4 Organic Cotton Thread


Bubu Lash Trainer
Meet Bubu, your Lashes and Brows Trainer